Vellios Family Portraiture

Vellios Family Portraiture

On 13 May I spent the morning with George & Joy Vellios at their family home. Their three grown up children were visiting from Melbourne for the weekend.

George has a special birthday coming up, so the family thought it would be lovely to give him a fabulous framed print of them all together. They gathered together to have a family portrait session.

We had a lovely conversation about continuing to have family pictures taken with our children, even into their adult years. The importance of printing those images, hanging them on our walls and making family albums for our future generations to enjoy!


James, Bec and Harvey Eadie

James, Bec and Harvey Eadie

It was awesome getting to spend some time watching my brother, his beautiful wife Bec and their gorgeous son Harvey from behind the lens of my camera.

The love and dreams they share for their firstborn is so beautiful.

I always feel so lucky having the opportunity to be a part of capturing the early years a child’s life.

Harvey is growing so fast from super tiny fingers and toes soon a toddler, a little person and into a boy who will grow into a man.

I hope I can continue to capture and document his growing life with James and Bec to manhood where he will one day share with his children these special memories of him and his family.

Beth’s 90th birthday

Beth’s 90th birthday

What a beautiful day, the sun was shining & Beth was radiant, wow what a gorgeous lady!

I was invited to come along to Beth’s 90th birthday party, a lovely afternoon tea at her daughter Angela & son in-law Ian’s home to document this fabulous occasion.

I had the pleasure of meeting Beth and some of her family a month before hand to do a family portrait session to celebrate this memorable milestone.

Beth was a natural behind the camera always bring a beautiful & joyful smile with her.

The family’s love for her and the love she had for them was so very evident. As I watched her from behind my lens during that day and her party one thing really struck me, that the true essence of grace, beauty and humour stays well alight within when surrounded by so much love.

Thank you Beth, Angela & your family for having me along to document such a special occasion.

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